Hi, and welcome to my site.

My name is Jeff Reeves. I am a  lifetime resident of Eastern Washington. I was born in Tonasket WA. My family moved to East Wenachee Washington in 1970 and I have lived here ever since. My father is a very hard working orchardist growing apples, cherries and pears.  I worked for him for a lot of my younger life.

My main passions in life are first and foremost, my 10 year old son, Hunter. I am a single father and he is my life. We do everything together. Fishing, hunting and playing on the beach during the warm summer months in our bass boat and a couple of different hobbies (see Fun Times).  Also, family and friends are very important to me.

Since I was very young, all I could think about was my passion for art or anything I could create that is beautiful. Being an outdoorsman and artist, I knew that taxidermy was the thing for me. So, in 1995, I started my lifetime study of this career. Throughout the building of my new career, I was employed by a biology firm based out of Boise, Idaho. I did fish studies for the different PUDs in my area on the Columbia River and it's tributaries. It was a very interesting and fun job and I enjoyed working with the people that I was associated with. I got too busy with my taxidermy business and I had to make a decision on what to do. I obviously chose my passion and now I am full time and going strong!

I believe hard work and determination is the root of all success.


Jeff Reeves